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Welcome To Park Slope

Scenic sidewalks and fun for all ages.

Originally colonized as Dutch farmland in the 17th century, Park Slope went on to become a territory steeped in regional and national history. Thanks to the enduring architectural and greenspace appeal, Park Slope has remained on the rise since the mid-1900s, and today enjoys a reputation for natural beauty and a modern lifestyle.

Park Slope is a name-brand Brooklyn neighborhood known for its organic food markets and picturesque, pedestrian-friendly sidewalks. Prospect Park, charming cafes, and plenty of public amenities contribute to the neighborhood's small-town vibe.

The Neighbors

Creative types and those who want to spread out in a more residential area of Brooklyn.

Park Slope’s stroller-friendly sidewalks and abundance of kid-friendly events make it prime real estate. Thanks to a location that's convenient to both downtown Brooklyn and Prospect Park, it’s a social hub for professionals, too. Bocce ball courts and beer halls are a laid-back alternative to the cocktail lounges and dance halls in other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

What to Expect

Upscale amenities in the heart of Brooklyn, minus the late night noise.
In general, life in Park Slope feels more suburban and well-established than other parts of Brooklyn. Tree-lined sidewalks, manicured stoop-front gardens, and a community-wide love for gathering spots and greenery are among the natural perks of living here. Proximity to cultural hubs such as The Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Conservatory, Brooklyn Academy of Music and more make for locals that include teachers, academics, and lifelong learners. It’s no wonder that Park Slope grade schools -- from public and charter to private and beyond -- are considered among the best in New York.

Meanwhile, community health and culture enthusiasts will find plenty of public parks, flower gardens, and outdoor spaces to enjoy. Greenspace NYC and Park Slope CSA’s volunteer gardens are only two spots that leaf-seeking locals can call their own.

The Lifestyle

Stroller-friendly sidewalks, plenty of outdoor space, and a casual-meets-upscale dining and drinking scene.

Writers, artists, and other creatives love Park Slope for the pace, which is relatively slower than you’ll find in other central Brooklyn neighborhoods. Coffee-and-wine shops and book cafes cater to happy hour crowds and linger-all-day creatives alike. Park Slope may be known for laid-back living, but in-the-know locals take personal style seriously. Designer clothing outposts such as Bird and Otto, and independent label haven Bhoomki keep trend-conscious shoppers happy.

Meanwhile, food boutiques such as Blue Apron stock gourmet takeaway and artisanal gifts that loyal and local dinner party hosts (and their visiting guests) swear by. When it comes to dining out, Park Slope is heaped with options, from award-winning eateries and sidewalk cafes to cash-only BYOB dining gems packed with destination diners from throughout the borough and lower Manhattan.

Park Slope’s nightlife is a balanced mix of cozy dives and wine bars, specializing in locally-brewed beer and live music. On any given night, Union Hall is packed with residents playing bocce ball or catching a late night improv act or cover band. By day and weekend, residents flock to beautifully sloped Prospect Park -- Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park -- for group picnics, live concerts, and exercise.

What Not to Expect

A quick commute into Manhattan, especially for those looking to live in “South Slope.”

Many who live in Park Slope find the commute to Manhattan daunting. Those living further south (commonly referred to as “South Slope”) may find the distance from major subway lines longer than ideal. On the other hand, car owners will find residential streets to be parking-friendly and free of taxi congestion and interborough traffic. As opposed to most other central Brooklyn neighborhoods, walking and driving are equally stress-free.

The Market

Expensive co-ops and brownstones with a relatively large selection of pre-war units to rent.

Large townhouses with classic stoops and finishings add up to downright stunning streetscapes and stoops. As a result, Park Slope is often lauded as a buyer’s neighborhood, but renters will be happy to find that a large selections have been converted into multiple-unit apartments.

You'll Fall in Love With

The pedestrian-friendly pace and diverse activity options.

In a city increasingly catered to trend-seekers, Park Slope’s well-curated roster of quality culture and entertainment options feels fully formed (and fully enjoyable) as it already stands. Artists, teachers, businesspeople, and homebuyers take pride in the fact that life in Park Slope is as high-quality as it is current. For first-time New Yorkers and those looking for a change of pace from the big city, Park Slope is a casual-cool neighborhood that instantly feels like home.

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